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Not just for grown ups....

Not just for grown ups....

Monday 27th July

Not just for grown-ups...


School's out but where has the sunshine gone? That's what I was asking myself last week as my friend and four of our boys ventured out for shopping and Dragon spotting in the city.
Here in the deli we have our own little dragon - Hopper, designed by Gresham's Prep School. He's holidaying here in our front window until September.
Wet and windswept after a stroll around the shops, admiring dragons as we went, the boys were starting to look like they'd rather have stayed home when we arrived in Upper St Giles.
'Look at the dragon,' I said brightly. The boys smiled, nodded and then turned their attention to the real showstopper in the window - a huge plate of chocolate brownies.
Coffee, tea and cake in the afternoon is one of my favourite things. In the rain its even better, with the windows steaming up and your coat drip, dripping off the back of the chair.
When I visited Oslo recently I spent a lot of time wandering the city and I took a lot of coffee breaks. The weather was awful.
But sitting in a cafe, listening to conversations I couldn't really understand, eating big slabs of coffee cake or enormous loganberry muffins was fabulous.
Its something the Scandinavians do a lot and they do it well. Lighting is low, adults and children sprawl over benches, checking e-mails, eating cake or bread and cheese and just relaxing.
Tucked at the back of our deli, listening to the muffled conversations of the language class that meet here during the week, I got that same feeling. 'Its like being on holiday,' my middle son whispered to me.
But the boys weren't really interested in the atmosphere.
As we bundled in all they could think about were those brownies. 10 minutes later, stuffed full of food and drink (we have some really nice soft drinks here too, as well as the usual fizzy orange and colas) they were all smiles and ready to hit the shops again.
Coffee and shopping - two things I like to do with my friends or on my own. But with the addition of cake I find that even my sons are up for a 'grown up' day out. 

We have a range of cakes made with gluten free ingredients and a daily vegetarian lunch choice.