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Meet our makers....Butterworth & Son

Meet our makers....Butterworth & Son

Monday 3rd August

One of the things we pride ourselves on is our close relationship with our suppliers.

We like our ingredients to come from local growers and producers and we're lucky to have some of the best suppliers right here on our doorstep. We know where our food comes from and who makes it.

But you'd be forgiven for thinking we might not be able to do that with everything we serve. I mean, Norfolk might be known for its carrots but not its coffee beans, right?

Well that's where you're wrong. Our coffee has an East Anglian flavour (pardon the pun) thanks to Butterworths & Son of Bury St Edmunds.

Run by Rob Butterworth, this family business was originally founded in 1976 by Rob's father, Robert Senior. For many years they ran the Butterworths health and herb shop in The Traverse, Bury, a jewel of a shop which smelt amazing and sold all kinds of exotic foods and spices long before you could get them at your local supermarket.

Butterworths has come a long way since then. As well as making its famous chutneys and preserves it has also become well known across the UK for its teas and coffees.

The family has a long background in the tea trade - in the late 1880s Robert’s great grandfather Harry first began blending teas in Manchester. 

 But 5 years ago they also began roasting their own coffee and taking a greater interest in the sourcing of the it to ensure quality and traceability. They buy coffee seasonally and based on quality which is determined by taste -  this method results in a fair price for the farmer and rewards good farming practices as higher quality coffees fetch higher prices on the open market.

All of which really ticks the box for us, with our slow food principles!

In their first year the firm sourced an organic coffee from Peru which was used in the UK coffee Olympics, the Barista Championships, by Howard Barwick who reached 3rd place.

If you're a coffee fan, here’s a little video about it’s journey:

They use this coffee in their Signature Espresso, the one we use here at the deli.

This blend is made from four components or ‘origin’ coffees (origins being the countries in which the coffees were grown) and has won praise for its high quality - in 2013 it was named ‘Best Espresso’ by the beautifully titled Caffeine Magazine.

In total Butterworths stock around 20 different ‘green’ coffees which they roast individually or use to create a blend. using beans sourced from Central and South America, Africa and Indonesia.

Head roaster Tom Howes is the man in charge of this magical process and he also puts his artistic talents to good use by designing the striking artwork on the firm's coffee labels - it was Tom who came up with the firm's quirky Coffeeman mascot - check out his Instagram account Nodosaurus 

So next time you pop in for a coffee, enjoy the fact that you're sipping a prize winning brew!

For more info on Butterworths you can visit their website 
You can also follow them on Twitter - ButterworthsUK, FB - Butterworth and Son, Instagram - Butterworths and on Flickr -

Pictured are Rob Butterworth & Aurelio Villatoro from Finca La Esperanza, Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Aurelio is a farmer the firm has been buying from for 3 years.



Listening to Ruth Rogers on Radio 4's Desert Island Discs yesterday was a real treat. Despite not being a trained chef, she set up The River Café with her business partner, the late Rose Gray, in 1987 with a strong focus on using seasonal foods and cooking the Italian way.

Today we're used to those ideas but at the time they were seen as pretty revolutionary - as was their idea of having an open kitchen where guests could see the chefs at work from their table.

"I couldn't imagine working anywhere we people shouted or raised their voice," Ruth told Kirsty Young.

Oh its a far cry from Hell's Kitchen! She then treated us to some Woody Guthrie songs and some anecdotes about her formidable Italian mother-in-law who, on her deathbed, advised her: "Ruthie, I want you to put more cream on your face and less herbs on your fish". Magic.



We have a range of cakes made with gluten free ingredients and a daily vegetarian lunch choice.