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Prosciutto from Bologna

Prosciutto from Bologna

Tuesday 24th November

Our time in Bologna led us to many incredible suppliers pouring their heart and soul into the products that we love back home, from balsamic vinegar made in a tiny, family-run factory to a enormous hall of freshly-made parmigiano. One of the most interesting stops on our visit was to a Prosciutto factory. 

Settled in a small village in the hills of Bologna, this factory is a specialist in the finest ham products – pancetta, disossato and lonzino are all salted and cured here. It was hard not to want to bring everything home. Prosciutto has been made in these parts since the Bronze Age, enjoyed by the Romans and modern-day Italians alike and so the expertise that goes into its production spans generations. This is why Modena Prosciutto has the revered PDO mark, reserved for products of protected origin and joining the ranks of Champagne, Melton Mowbry pies and of course, Parmigiano Reggiano. 

The hams themselves are stacked shelf upon shelf whilst salting, then hung for 14months in order to receive their PDO stamp. The sight had our stomachs growling and thankfully we were offered a taster. Cured meats are one of our favourite products at Louis’ and so we are always eager to taste-test the producers’ finest! We’re big fans of supporting local produce (as you may have guessed from our Slow Food events) and the Italians really are streaks ahead of us in valuing this. All of the pigs bred for Prosciutto are raised in Italy allowing complete traceability – something we also value at Louis’. 

Whilst we can’t promise you the full Italian experience, here at Louis’ we have a wide range of cured meats, including Prosciutto; perfect for tapas, nibbling with drinks or for use in cooking. If you’re unsure, come in to see us and we’ll be happy to help you choose. 

We have a range of cakes made with gluten free ingredients and a daily vegetarian lunch choice.