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Here Be Dragons....

Here Be Dragons....

Monday 10th August

Is it just me or has everyone gone dragon crazy? Since the Dragon Trail launched last month there's been a huge buzz in the air and I don't think I know anyone who hasn't made their way to the city to admire them. Dragon-selfies, dragon merchandise, dragon-themed duck racing, its amazing that these beautiful artworks have captured our imaginations, and its all in a really, really good cause.
Here in the deli beautiful Hopper, our school dragon, is taking it all in his stride. He's been here for a few weeks now and admires the views from his top spot in the shop front window. He was designed by pupils from Gresham's and combines the school logo (the grasshopper and key) with Keith Haring inspired figurative images. Gresham’s Prep School held a whole school competition to find a winning design. Four designs were chosen, combined, then collaged and painted onto the baby dragon. The winners were Archie Osborne (Year 8), Zelia Holmes (Year 7), Cate May (Year 7), and Elfie Anema-Galpin (Year 6)
If you haven't seen him yet then you must come and admire him before the end of August - lots of you already have and we're very grateful for the loose change and donations you've left in the collecting tin for the Break charity.
Term starts again in September and its back to school for Hopper - we'll really miss him!
The Great British Bake Off is back on our screens and once again I'm watching it with a mixture of dread and admiration. Those who know me well will know I have a curious relationship with baking, shaped in part by last minute late night marathon baking sessions for the school PTA and my tendency to leave things cooking in the Aga for several days, unnoticed. 

Take the Christmas I decided to make a traditional festive fruit cake. Maybe it was too much listening to The Archers but on Stir Up Sunday I dragged out my kit and announced to the bewildered family that this year we'd be making a Christmas cake. It diidn't matter that no-one ate fruit cake. There WOULD be carols and sherry and my little cherubs WOULD have so much fun stirring up the cake mixture and carefully dropping in the sixpences.
Half an hour in, the under-fives had thrown cake mix everywhere and sloped off to watch CBeebies, the carols were driving me to distraction and I was left stirring up the cake mix by myself with the demented look of a sleep-deprived mother who'd drunk the sherry. I slammed the cake into the Aga.
Four days later I remembered it. It was pretty awesome. Shiny, crystalline, black, like an expensive cake-shaped lump of coal.
It took five years before I was brave enough to attempt another one. This time I didn't forget it. It came out of the oven looking and smelling perfect. Christmas Eve I slapped icing all over it, in 70s style snowy peaks and went to bed full of triumph.
Next morning I whisked off the tea towel to admire my handiwork and found that one of the cats had walked across it. Next to my snowman were enormous Yeti footprints set in the icing.
So I won't be doing the Bake Off anytime soon. I'm not sure they're ready for my style of baking!


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