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Fromagère de Brie

Fromagère de Brie

Thursday 10th December

Brie a cow’s milk cheese, from a limestone and clay plateau to the east of Paris, it is soft textured with a flowery rind.

In 1929 the Fromagère de Brie was formed and is now in a new factory in St Siméon, 10 miles west of Coulommiers.

Louis’ Deli has three Bries from St Siméon.  

Brie de Meaux AOC (guarantee of origin) and multi award winner at the annual Cheese and Wine Fair in Coulommiers. Bayard Gourmand , a smooth double cream cheese Brie and a triple cream cheese Brie, St Olivier.

All these Fromagère de Brie cheeses are from their pasteurized range.

We have a range of cakes made with gluten free ingredients and a daily vegetarian lunch choice.