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A couple of days in Venice!

A couple of days in Venice!

Wednesday 22nd March

On this visit we concentrated on food, drink and interesting oddities, which meant constant walking from Dorsodus in the west and Castello in the East; some ten miles were covered.

 The first stop was Venice’s food and fish market just over the Rialto Bridge, in the area to the right of Ruga Degli Orefici. The fish and vegetable stalls display a magnificent range which drew one’s thoughts to lunch. On the way a small art print shop was found in Campo Mater Domini and a couple of prints were bought.

 Spain has its Tapas and Pintxos but in Venice it’s Cicchetti – little bar snacks which are unique to the town and best served with wine. Just such a place was found in Campo san Toma. Its name seemed to be Cicchetti – a glass and snack revived us until lunch.

 We passed a number of youngsters, one or two had laurel leaf coronets – we assumed marriage was in the air. We found Trattoria dona Oresta at Dorsoduro 3922 for lunch. The place was teeming with families and three young people with laurel leaf coronets. It appeared they were graduates from the university and this was their Graduation Day. Lunch was a wonderful salami platter followed by a prawn risotto. The evening saw us at Osteria da Bacco, Castello 4620, near St Mark’s Square for more enjoyable cicchetti.

Next morning a walk to the parks to the east of Castello and had a coffee at Margherita Greenhouse which was built in 1894 to create a Palm House for the International Art Exhibition of 1895. The structure was reminiscent of Joseph Paxton’s greenhouse at Chatsworth House.

A walk to the west to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. Her collection of modern art was opened in London in 1938 and transferred to Venice in 1947 after she had bought Palazzo Vernier dei Leoni on the Grand Canal. The works are extraordinary to the untrained eye, and an abstract painting by Piet Mondrian is described – “His mature work is a quest for essences, freed from phenomenological burdens, in which the primary colours are charged to convey maximum content through minimal means”

 A glass of red restored us and we hurried to Osteria ae Forcoe, Calle delle Bande, for more cicchetti, amongst some delightful morsels the proprietor’s mother’s dish of scampi and soft sweet onion salad was sublime.

More walking then to Osteria del Cason, Calle del Christo 2925for a supper of tomato bruschetta, then ravioli with parmesan and black truffles. – concluding a wonderful couple of days in Venice.

 We stayed at the Metropole Hotel near St Mark’s Square at a very reduced rate through Team

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